The magic of Orderbot
starts with a great team.
Learn how the bot came to be.
Our story

Marianne Zakhour and Steve Izen founded Orderbot with the idea that one platform could exist as the heart for order orchestration. In their mission to bring their idea to life, they discovered the sprawling impact order processing had on businesses’ and employees’ ability to grow.

Their goal from day one has been to create an intuitive order orchestration platform to track activities across organizations, replacing hours of work with the click of a button. Their vision would enable organizations to scale without technical limitations or rigidity of legacy solutions.

Orderbot’s commitment to reliability, transparency, and measurability continue to be the key drivers of its innovation. Today, some of the world’s most recognizable brands are powering their organizations with the magic of Orderbot.

The team behind our order magic

  • Courtney Campbell

    Director of Business Solutions

  • Sandra Ajzensztad

    Director of Product

  • Olivier Sagboze

    Director of Software Development

  • Elena Bogdacheva

    QA Manager

  • Gabby Freitas

    People and Culture Manager

  • David Zhu

    Development Manager (Co-Founder)

  • Paul Goertz

    DevOps Manager

  • Sara Rahmani


  • Amy Qi

    Customer Onboarding Manager

  • Fernando Hasegawa


  • Rustin Daniels

    Lead Architect

  • Randall

    Director of Professional Services